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NEW Tour Dates for Krishna Raju Tour

Vaidya Krishna Raju World Tour May 2017

Vaidya Krishna Raju will be visiting Fairfield, Iowa, Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Latin America. He will visit other countries soon after. Check our Blog for announcements about more dates for each city and more details.

Vaidya Krishna Raju will be touring the following cities in the UK and the Americas:

Fairfield, Iowa, USA:       May 15 – May 21

Los Angeles:                       May 22 – May 25

The following dates may change:

Saltillo, Mexico:                 May 26- May 30

Quito, Ecuador:                 May 31 – June 2

New York City:                  June 3 – June 5

London:                               June 6 – June 12

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